Allocations by year

Year Rapid Response US$ Underfunded Emergencies US$ Total Funds Allocated US$ Percentage of Total
2020 Rapid Response US$500,932,511 Underfunded Emergencies US$129,713,825 US$630,646,336 Percentage of total:9.4%
2019 Rapid Response US$338,771,385 Underfunded Emergencies US$199,900,755 US$538,672,140 Percentage of total:8.0%
2018 Rapid Response US$320,776,210 Underfunded Emergencies US$179,731,863 US$500,508,073 Percentage of total:7.5%
2017 Rapid Response US$273,182,581 Underfunded Emergencies US$145,026,099 US$418,208,680 Percentage of total:6.2%
2016 Rapid Response US$288,984,456 Underfunded Emergencies US$149,937,717 US$438,922,173 Percentage of total:6.5%
2015 Rapid Response US$300,736,172 Underfunded Emergencies US$168,913,836 US$469,650,008 Percentage of total:7.0%
2014 Rapid Response US$290,743,934 Underfunded Emergencies US$170,055,273 US$460,799,207 Percentage of total:6.9%
2013 Rapid Response US$307,529,664 Underfunded Emergencies US$174,474,142 US$482,003,806 Percentage of total:7.2%
2012 Rapid Response US$331,281,431 Underfunded Emergencies US$158,195,452 US$489,476,883 Percentage of total:7.3%
2011 Rapid Response US$283,491,025 Underfunded Emergencies US$143,466,031 US$426,957,056 Percentage of total:6.4%
2010 Rapid Response US$276,053,035 Underfunded Emergencies US$139,170,757 US$415,223,792 Percentage of total:6.2%
2009 Rapid Response US$268,233,890 Underfunded Emergencies US$129,158,219 US$397,392,109 Percentage of total:5.9%
2008 Rapid Response US$300,478,092 Underfunded Emergencies US$128,346,404 US$428,824,495 Percentage of total:6.4%
2007 Rapid Response US$229,869,771 Underfunded Emergencies US$123,114,422 US$352,984,193 Percentage of total:5.3%
2006 Rapid Response US$180,336,526 Underfunded Emergencies US$76,881,765 US$257,218,291 Percentage of total:3.8%
Total US$4,491,400,682 US$2,216,086,560 US$6,707,487,242 Percentage of total:100 %