CERF-funded Project


Anticipatory Water, Saniatation and Hygiene (WASH) actions to prevent and reduce human suffering, through provision of clean safe water and hygiene promotion services (20-RR-IOM-022)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to mitigate disease outbreaks and other consequences of water shortage - and therewith enhance the population's ability to withstand the impacts of the triple threat of locust, COVID-19 and flooding - by supplying clean water for humans and livestock. The $2.05 million in CERF funding will enable IOM to rehabilitate 10 boreholes and 38 wells, and to conduct cholera prevention through disinfection of 38 shallow wells and provision of 6,000 hygiene kits. In addition, 190 hygiene promoters will be trained. 79,949 vulnerable Somalis will benefit from these activities, including 31,165 internally displaced persons.