CERF-funded Project


Provision of essential and lifesaving health services in response to the conflict in Marib and Al Jawf (21-RR-WHO-012)

Project overview

The project builds on WHO's previous CERF project (supported from the Underfunded Emergencies window), in particular the support for a minimum services package of healthcare (MSP) and trauma care in targeted health facilities. The project also covers the provision of basic operational needs (i.e., fuel and water) for the health facilities, trauma care refresher training, as well as blood bank services supporting trauma care. The support to the MSP focuses on 5 health facilities in Marib governorate to provide essential medical services to 238,444 affected people. The project also aims to strengthen the health system and operational support to health facilities including through fuel and water and the provision of essential support to critically needed lifesaving trauma care services.