CERF-funded Project


Life-saving activities to protect the nutrition and food security situation of vulnerable people in anticipation of a severe drought shock. (21-RR-WFP-008)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to protect the food security and nutritional situation of vulnerable people, especially women and children, in anticipation of a severe drought shock. WFP provides unconditional cash transfers (once per month, worth $60-75 per transfer per household) to support 99,024 destitute pastoralists or agropastoralists and displaced people with little to no livelihood opportunities. WFP also provides 326.21 MT of specialized nutritious food for 18,080 girls and 18,080 boys aged under 2 years. 36,160 caregivers of children and 19,150 pregnant and lactating mothers will receive health and nutrition messaging. In total, 55,310 drought-affected Somalis will be assisted by WFP, including 19,150 women and 18,080 girls.

Sector Amount in US$
Food Assistance US$4,366,058
Nutrition US$3,034,041