CERF-funded Project


Urgent Response to the Impact of COVID-19 on the protection of refugees, particularly women and children in Uganda (20-UF-HCR-028)

Project overview

This project aims to provide comprehensive protection response to address critical protection needs, both underlying and those have emerged as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. UNHCR and partners will: establish and maintain one-stop drop-in centers at health facilities for GBV survivors; improve existing safe shelters to accommodate the increased number of survivors in the COVID-19 context; strengthen case management capacities to support and assist 2,300 children at risk and GBV survivors to ensure that children in need access protection services; increase quality of documentation and management of services through ProGres v.4; expand provide child protection and SGBV case management modules and GBVIMS by recruiting, equipping and deploying 38 additional case workers for SGBV and Child Protection; expand MHPSS services; provide survivors and at-risk individuals with unrestricted multi-purpose cash transfers and basic financial literacy skills.

Sector Amount in US$
Protection US$600,000
Protection US$1,200,000
Protection US$200,000