CERF-funded Project


Protection et assistance d’urgence aux populations déplacées (réfugiés et IDPS) dans la province du Lac Tchad (20-UF-HCR-008)

Project overview

The main of this project is to provide life-saving assistance in 5 sectors: protection, shelter/NFI, WASH, multi-cluster refugee, and camp coordination/management. This UNHCR project manages 203 IDP sites; ensures access to water and sanitation services in health, nutrition and education centres; constructs emergency temporary shelters; provides NFI kits; and informs the humanitarian response by monitoring internal displacement. The project provides life-saving camp coordination and management assistance to 169,000 IDPs including 31,096 women, 36,504 men, and 101,400 children. The project will also provide life-saving WASH assistance to 19,167 refugees and 12,776 host community members.

Sector Amount in US$
Protection US$158,908
Shelter and Non-Food Items US$771,836
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene US$726,435
Camp Coordination and Camp Management US$204,310
Multi-Sector Refugee Assistance US$408,619