CERF-funded Project


Réponse à la crise nutritionnelle et la crise des déplacés internes dans les provinces du Lac, du Kanem et du Barh El Gazal (20-UF-CEF-015)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to provide life-saving WASH, nutrition and child protection assistance to IDPs and host communities members in the broader Lac region of Chad. This UNICEF project provides training on proper WASH practices; screens and treats children for severe acute malnutrition; distributes cash to mothers of children with SAM to purchase soap and other hygiene items; constructs fresh water points and latrines; provides psycho-social support to children affected by the crisis; reunites lost children with their families; reintegrates former child soldiers into local communities; and delivers trainings on the risks of anti-personnel landmines. The project provides life-saving WASH assistance to 50,531 people (including 16,675 women and 17,686 children), life-saving nutrition assistance to 50,176 (including 15,055 women and 30,001 children), and life-saving child protection assistance to 7,840 people (including 2,500 women and 3,140 children).

Sector Amount in US$
Nutrition US$1,343,751
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene US$1,062,500
Protection US$718,750