CERF-funded Project

Syrian Arab Republic

Farm to Bread bakery rehabilitation for vulnerable communities in Dar’a, Aleppo and Deir ez Zor governorates. (20-UF-WFP-014)

Project overview

WFP is proposing bakery rehabilitation interventions, as part of its larger Farm to Bread initiative, in response to identified needs mentioned not only in the Syria 2019 HRP but also the WFP Food Security Assessment (FSA)/Food Security and Livelihoods Assessment (FSLA) (pending approval), joint FAO/WFP CFSAM 2019 report and OCHA guidelines for this CERF expression of interest. The availability of bread – among other basic services – in the proposed target locations is sparse; peoples’ coping mechanisms have been stretched. This intervention will therefore have results that contribute towards providing food insecure people with life-saving support. Similarly, end results will enable improved response times, giving vulnerable communities timely access to subsidized bread; targeting of communities will be done in a neutral manner, providing equal access to populations regardless of their political affiliation, thus contributing towards an enabling environment that improves food security and social cohesion, while also contributing towards peoples’ right to a life with dignity and support in the continuity of life-saving services. This Food Security project targets 450,000 most vulnerable IDPs and host community members.