CERF-funded Project


Fournir une assistance alimentaire et nutritionnelle aux communautés vulnérables dans les zones affectées par le conflit (20-UF-WFP-017)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to provide food aid to save lives and protect livelihoods through general food distributions and nutrition assistance to 24,712 people. This WFP projects provides unconditional assistance to 16,143 people for 9 months during the lean period and 6 months as part of the response to protracted crises; nutritional assistance for 6,970 children aged 6-23 months, including a daily ration of 100 gr of Plumpy'Sup for a period of 3 months as part of the treatment of acute and moderate malnutrition (MAM); and food baskets for one month for 1,590 accompanying mothers of severely malnourished children. The project provides life-saving food assistance to 16,143 people as well as nutrition assistance to 8,569 people.

Sector Amount in US$
Food Assistance US$2,275,000
Nutrition US$225,000