CERF-funded Project


Assistance alimentaire d’urgence aux populations vulnérables du Guidimakha et du Tagant pendant la période de soudure et réhabilitation de la piste d’atterrissage de Bassikounou (20-UF-WFP-009)

Project overview

The main objective of this WFP project is to provide food and nutrition assistance to vulnerable population during the lean season and logistic support to the humanitarian actors. With this CERF grant, WFP will provide 258.4 MT of food (vegetable oil, Plummpy’ Supp, Super Cereal and Super Cereal Plus). The project covers emergency Food security/Food assistance sector and will last nine months. It will benefit 12,298 persons for food assistance including 1,538 girls and 5,697 women, and 15,927 people for the Nutrition sector including 5,975 girls and 3,732 women.

Sector Amount in US$
Food Assistance US$1,452,000
Common Services and Coordination US$198,000
Nutrition US$550,000