CERF-funded Project


Improving access to medications for noncommunicable disease and mental health (20-UF-WHO-009)

Project overview

The project will fill the gap in access to noncommunicable disease medications for 3 months and the gap in specialized mental health medications for 6 months. A total of 58 medications will be procured. A total of 93,000 beneficiaries will have access to subsidized noncommunicable disease and specialized mental health medications via the network of centres that are spread across the country. For noncommunicable disease medications, the total population targeted is 91,500 persons and for the specialized mental health medications, the total population targeted is 1,500. The target population for this Health engagement is vulnerable Lebanese, Syrian refugees, and other vulnerable populations (i.e. Iraqi) accessing primary health care centres and dispensaries including those providing mental health services.