CERF-funded Project


Protection and Assistance to Refugees in Jordan through access to child protection services and healthcare referrals (20-UF-HCR-009)

Project overview

The project focuses firstly on provision of health assistance for obstetric/reproductive health including safe delivery and obstetric emergencies, as well as response to untreated chronic illnesses (these include thalassemia, complications from untreated diabetes, cardiac complications, types of cancers) that have become life threatening due to exile, and refugees with communicable diseases that present for treatment (including Tuberculosis), for 4,240 refugees (3,740 Syrian and 500 refugees of other nationalities). Secondly, the project focuses on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children identified as being at risk of harm. The project focuses on two areas of intervention for children at risk in Zaatari and Azraq camps: Bests Interests Assessments and Best Interests Determinations where needed for children under a protection case management system and bolstering of community-based protection structures. This project targets 4,240 refugees with the Health engagement and 380 refugees with its Child Protection engagement.

Sector Amount in US$
Health US$2,000,313
Protection US$298,897