CERF-funded Project


GBV in the context of COVID-19 pandemic: Gender-sensitive and life-saving response for most affected and at-risk women, in Nariño and Chocó (20-UF-WOM-005)

Project overview

The main aim of this $307,275 UN Women project is to strengthen the public institutions in supporting non-medical services, both in person and remote, to address GBV during COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, UN Women will provide technical support and equipment (including PPE, telecommunications equipment, internet and mobile data) to five local institutions, update and implement two referral pathways, and provide 900 resilience kits and orientation on GBV prevention to most-at risk women and men. In total, UN Women will reach 900 people directly, including 850 women and 50 men (and 50 persons with disabilities). In addition, an estimated 3,000 persons, including community members, members of local community councils, and staff of state institutions will have access to the project’s lifesaving information and key messages.