CERF-funded Project


Assistance d’Urgence en Abris et en Gestion et Coordination des Sites aux Populations Affectées à Bujumbura Rural et Bujumbura Mairie (20-UF-IOM-026)

Project overview

The main aim of this $650,000 IOM project is the improvement of living conditions of persons affected by the flooding through the provision of shelter and camp coordination. IOM will distribute 80 emergency shelters as well as 135 semi-permanent shelters and provide cash transfers of a total value of $120,000 to 1,000 households. In addition, 155 individuals will benefit from a cash for work programme; 15 among the displaced will be trained to participate in site management; 12 spaces in IDP sites will be provided with improved lighting; 3 CCCM spaces will be created and equipped to promote participation, accountability and inclusion. In total, the project will target 20,643 persons, of whom 3,716 will be women and 7,843 girls, and who will include about 178 persons with disabilities.

Sector Amount in US$
Shelter and Non-Food Items US$500,500
Camp Coordination and Camp Management US$149,500