CERF-funded Project


Protection et assistance d’urgence pour répondre aux besoins de base des rapatriés et déplacés internes (20-UF-HCR-027)

Project overview

The main objective of this $1.2 million UNHCR project is to facilitate the repatriation and integration of Burundian refugees and respond to the basic needs of internally displaced. UNHCR will provide $610,350 in multi-purpose cash transfers to 5,250 Burundian returnees, $38,750 in cash transfers to 10,000 IDPs and 2,500 non-food item kits to cover basic shelter needs. UNHCR will also assist the 5,250 returnees with transport from the Burundian border to destinations further inland. In total, 6,250 persons will receive assistance of whom 1,892 will be women and 1,547 girls. In addition, 182 persons with disabilities will be supported.

Sector Amount in US$
Shelter and Non-Food Items US$180,035
Common Services US$312,060
Multi-Purpose Cash US$708,136