CERF-funded Project


Ensuring provision of lifesaving sexual and reproductive health services to women and adolescents affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold (20-RR-FPA-024)

Project overview

The main objective of this project was to reduce preventable maternal mortality and morbidity among those women affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold in five affected locations. With CERF funds, UNFPA 1) distributed reproductive health kits and protective gear to selected health centers and clinics, 2) provided basic reproductive health services by establishing temporary Medical Tents and community outreach and 3) provided training to health workers in disseminating information to women of reproductive age and pregnant women on pregnancy and COVID-19, among other activities.8,121 women of reproductive age including 1,750 pregnant women and 1,013 adolescent girls were reached with life-saving sexual reproductive health services such as family planning, emergency obstetrics, new-born care services, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer screening, and psychosocial support