CERF-funded Project

South Sudan

Provision of Emergency Health Kits to 360,000 Flood-Affected Population in 12 Priority Counties (20-RR-WHO-037)

Project overview

The goal of this project is to contribute towards the reduction of avoidable morbidity and mortality amongst the floods affected populations in 12 priority counties in South Sudan. WHO aims to deliver emergency health kits to support uninterrupted provision of basic health care, investigation and response to suspect outbreaks in flood affected locations. The project targets 360,000 persons affected by flood in 12 priority counties (Ayod, Duk, Twic East, Bor South, Pibor, Pariang, Panyijiar, Rumbek Centre, Rumbek North, Rumbek East, Awerial, and Juba). Of these, there are 108,000 men, 100,800 women, 72,000 girls and 79,200 boys. WHO will work together with the community leaders and health facility managers to ensure that PwD, women and girls are assisted to safely access the supported health facilities, without difficulty.