CERF-funded Project

South Sudan

Restoring the dignity of women and girls affected by floods in 12 counties of South Sudan (20-RR-FPA-039)

Project overview

The main objective of the project is to restore the dignity of women and girls affected by devastating floods in South Sudan. The floods have led to massive displacement and destruction of property, resulting into increased needs which are far outstripping available resources. The project will focus on the provision of dignity kits and creating awareness on Gender-Based Violence. UNFPA will procure and distribute 16,500 Dignity kits for women and girls while ensuring that contents are culturally appropriate to meet the specific needs of women and girls to facilitate their mobility and help restore their dignity, including those with disability. During the distribution of supplies, beneficiaries and the community at large is expected to benefit from community awareness information on gender based violence. UNFPA will use its long experience on dignity kits programming to work with partners and women leaders to understand how to select beneficiaries and distribute the kits. UNFPA will integrate dialogues into distribution to determine protection issues affecting women and girls in addition to conducting safety audits to ascertain GBV risks for women and girls in the target areas.