CERF-funded Project

South Sudan

Humanitarian Response for Immediate WASH needs of flood affected communities in South Sudan (20-RR-CEF-058)

Project overview

The strategic objective of this CERF project is to support the scaling up of immediate response to mitigate the humanitarian effect of floods on 360,000 people. Lifesaving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) supplies are already in country and will be used to immediately respond to the flood and this CERF funding will be used to replace the supply used for the floods to ensure minimum level of stock is maintained in the WASH core pipeline. The key WASH supplies to be provided are water treatment chemicals, spares for rehabilitation of damaged boreholes, latrine slabs (squatting pans), latrine kits, basic household items including jerry cans, buckets, hygiene kits and soap for practicing safe hygiene behaviours. The project will reach 360,000 people including 137,000 women and 90,000 children.