CERF-funded Project


Provision of Emergency Shelter Support to Communities Affected by Floods and Landslides in Rwanda (20-RR-IOM-021)

Project overview

This IOM project aims at saving lives and alleviating the suffering of people affected by floods and landslides in Rwanda and particularly assisting the victims of landslides with life-saving support. The output of the project is to ensure that the most vulnerable displaced households are provided with adequate emergency shelter assistance. Approximately 1,765 households will be supported through the provision of iron sheets and other shelter materials to rehabilitate their houses or to construct emergency shelters. Each household will receive iron sheets, nails, cement, and galvanized wire as per national standards and recommendations, based on humanitarian needs assessments. This will enable families to quickly return to their homes or to relocate to semi-permanent emergency shelters. This will also ease health risks posed by overcrowding, in particular during the Covid-19 pandemic and will allow displaced families living in schools to return home and schools to reopen in September 2020.