CERF-funded Project


Support to the Internally Displaced People Affected by TY Rolly (20-RR-WFP-049)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to address the immediate food needs of affected people through cash-based transfers (unconditional and conditional). The project enables the affected communities to gain access to food and other non-food items necessary for their recovery and the reconstruction of their damaged houses. WFP’s main implementing partner will be the local government units – from the planning stage, identification of beneficiaries, registration of households and members, distribution of cash, and monitoring. Beyond the distribution of cash assistance, this $666,954 WFP project will provide the Government of the Philippines with critical transportation support. The project provides life-saving assistance to 15,000 internally displaced people, including 4,648 men, 4,654 women, 5,698 children and 557 people with disabilities.

Sector Amount in US$
Common Services US$40,017
Food Assistance US$626,937