CERF-funded Project


Provision of emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and nutrition services in Priority Flood Affected Districts of Sindh Pakistan (20-RR-CEF-052)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to increase access to safe drinking water, improve hygiene awareness and provide lifesaving nutrition for affected people. This UNICEF project provides 70,000 people with access to safe drinking water, installs or rehabilitates 178 water supply schemes and hand pumps, provides 7,000 people with access to safe drinking water through water tankering, and deploys 8 mobile nutrition teams. The project provides life-saving assistance to 200,000 people, including 54,000 women, 52,000 men and 94,000 children. This includes at least 5,186 people with disabilities.

Sector Amount in US$
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene US$750,000
Nutrition US$250,000