CERF-funded Project


Supporting populations displaced due to climate-related events (heavy rains and floods) and insecurity (20-RR-WFP-024)

Project overview

The main objective of this WFP project is to provide life-saving food assistance to conflict-affected displaced people, prevent an increase in moderate acute malnutrition and provide logistics support services to the humanitarian community. With this CERF grant, WFP provides 1,087 tons of food and transfer a total of $222,985 in cash grants to food-insecure people, supply 5 tons of ready-to-use supplementary food and will provide logistics support to partners. The project covers the food assistance, nutrition and logistics sectors and will be implemented in six months. It benefits 38,055 persons (including 10,884 girls and 8,905 women) for food assistance and 1,304 children and pregnant and lactating women for nutrition.

Sector Amount in US$
Food Assistance US$1,615,475
Nutrition US$130,280
Common Services and Coordination US$859,850