CERF-funded Project


Improve access to life saving interventions to populations affected by floods and insecurity in Cabo Delgado province. (20-RR-CEF-031)

Project overview

The main objective of this UNICEF project is to provide life-saving assistance to people affected by floods and insecurity in Cabo Delgado province, including water, sanitation and hygiene, child protection, nutrition and education. The project provides 4,000 hygiene and dignity kits, 12,000 bottles of water disinfectant, 80 school-in-a-box kits and 3,500 student kits. The project will benefit 20,000 persons in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector including 1,200 people with disabilities; 16,300 persons in child protection, 220 severely malnourished children and 25,00 children in education.

Sector Amount in US$
Water and Sanitation US$641,852
Protection US$171,160
Nutrition US$117,673
Education US$139,068