CERF-funded Project


Assistance alimentaire d’urgence et nutritionnelle en réponse à la sécheresse, aggravée par le COVID-19, dans le Grand Sud de Madagascar (20-RR-WFP-040)

Project overview

The main objective of this WFP project is to provide emergency food and nutrition assistance to respond to the drought and COVID-19 food security impact in the Grand Sud region of Madagascar. With this CERF grant, WFP will mainly provide 667 MT of food and transfer US$ 267,000 to food insecure people, supply 30 MT of Ready to Use Supplementary Food and will provide logistics support to partners. The project covers Food Assistance, Nutrition and Multi-cluster-multipurpose cash transfer sectors and will last six months. It will benefit 100,309 persons (including 23,071 girls, 28,087 women and 602 people living with disabilities) for food assistance, 11,730 children for nutrition and 15,000 people for cash transfer.

Sector Amount in US$
Food Assistance US$506,000
Nutrition US$253,000
Multi-Purpose Cash US$391,000