CERF-funded Project


Responding to emergency critical health needs resulting from the Beirut explosion (20-RR-WHO-029)

Project overview

This project aims at responding to the urgent health needs resulting from the devastating explosion in Beirut by procuring urgent lifesaving medical supplies to affected health facilities. Acute medications, trauma and surgical kits, and personal protective equipment will be procured to hospitals and primary healthcare centers. The WHO project: 1) Enhances medical emergency response of hospitals by procuring lifesaving trauma and surgical kits to 10 hospitals receiving trauma cases in Beirut over the period of 1 month, 2) enhances infection prevention and control of hospitals by procuring personal protective equipment for 20 hospitals receiving trauma cases and COVID cases distributed across Lebanon as they have received transferred cases from Beirut over the period of 1 month and 3) strengthens primary healthcare service provision for acute diseases by procuring acute medications for 55 health centres in areas most affected by the explosion to serve 150,000 patients over a period of 3 months.