CERF-funded Project


Port Augmentation Activities (20-RR-WFP-038)

Project overview

By improving infrastructure at Beirut Port, this project contributes to the continuity of port operations, focusing on grain handling for food security and critical humanitarian cargo. This infrastructure contribution will be closely coordinated with and integrated in the Government’s national plans for the overall rehabilitation of the port. WFP’s proposed contribution to this effort is two-fold: 1) Establishing a temporary bulk and break bulk receiving facility at Beirut Port and 2) providing cargo handling equipment and operational support assets to support the Government. To enable operations, WFP establishes emergency telecoms and communications facilities at Beirut Port, and contracts required services, including warehousing, transport, stevedoring, quality control, port superintendence, and fuel delivery and management. WFP has already airlifted mobile storage units as a temporary storage solution to replace the destroyed silos, as well as lights, generators, and prefabricated office supplies, into Beirut.