CERF-funded Project


Preventing and Responding to the COVID-2019 Outbreak (20-RR-CEF-025)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to provide timely life-saving health, education and child protection assistance in priority countries in order to contain the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. This UNICEF project focuses on 3 of the 8 pillars in WHO's Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan, namely: (i) country-level coordination and monitoring; (ii) risk communication and community engagement; (iii) surveillance, rapid response teams, and case investigation; and (vi) infection prevention and control. UNICEF will also use CERF funds to support adequate health care and nutrition for women, children and vulnerable communities and ensure continuity of services for health, education, nutrition and child protection services. CERF funds will be used to focus on countries with imported cases or that are at high risk of imported cases and have limited operational response capacity.

Sector Amount in US$
Education US$1,250,000
Health US$2,700,000
Protection US$1,050,000