CERF-funded Project


WASH Response to Tropical Cyclone Harold in Fiji (20-RR-CEF-038)

Project overview

The main objective of this project was to ensure daily access for communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold to adequate and safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Through this CERF allocation, UNICEF with its partners provided access to safe and adequate water supply, access to sanitary latrines, deliberate efforts were also done to provide WASH services to persons with disability. Water systems were improved and rehabilitated in 4 communities and 41 water tanks were installed in 17 health facilities and staff quarters. Sanitation facilities were repaired, and group handwashing stations were installed in 2 schools. Four communities were also organized and trained on drinking water and safety and security planning (DWSSP). Some 135 families were provided with training, technical and material support in the construction and maintenance of emergency latrines. Overall,12,021 people including 2,831 people with disabilities, will be targeted with lifesaving WASH assistance, including 3,354 men, 2,813 women, 3,082 boys, and 2,572 girls.