CERF-funded Project


WASH Response to Tropical Cyclone Harold in Fiji (20-RR-CEF-038)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to ensure daily access for communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold to adequate and safe water, sanitation and hygiene. This UNICEF project provides households, health facilities and schools with quick repair of up to 100 water facilities and provision of about 148 emergency latrines as well as distribution of 800 water tanks, 1,100 WASH/Dignity Hygiene Kits, 1,500 pieces of soap and 400 bottles of hand sanitizers, and 1,500 water containers. 11,000 people, including 1,507 people with disabilities, will be targeted with lifesaving WASH assistance, including 3,349 men, 3,417 women, 2,085 boys, and 2,139 girls.