CERF-funded Project

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Assistance alimentaire en faveur des survivants de la Maladie à Virus Ebola et les communautés affectées dans les provinces du Nord & Sud Kivu et de l’Ituri. (20-RR-WFP-029)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to provide life-saving food security, nutrition and education assistance to internally displaced people, returnees and host communities in Ituri, Nord Kivu and Sud Kivu. This WFP project provides food assistance in the form of cash transfers, initially through unconditional transfers to 87,000 people including Ebola-survivors for a period of 6 periods, followed by conditional transfers (in coordination with FAO's CERF-funded project) to roughly a third of these individuals for a period of 3-6 months. Additionally this project provides nutritional assistance to Ebola survivors and their households in order to support treatment, recovery and rehabilitation from the disease; provides meals (in coordination with UNICEF's CERF-funded project) to 9,000 children in schools in Ebola-affected areas to promote enrollment and attendance; screens children aged 6-23 months as well as pregnant and nursing women for acute malnutrition; and raises awareness about proper nutritional practices. The food security component of this project provides life-saving assistance to 87,000 people, including 20,800 women, 22,500 boys and 24,400 girls. The education component provides life-saving assistance to 9,300 people including 126 women, 4,300 boys and 4,700 girls. The nutrition component of this project provides life-saving assistance to 3,640 people, including 776 women, 1,031 boys and 1,117 girls. Exceptionally this project will be implemented over the course of 18 months.

Sector Amount in US$
Nutrition US$13,432,345
Food Assistance US$876,023
Education US$292,008