CERF-funded Project


Emergency Livelihood Response to Support Drought-affected households in Cunene and Huila Province (20-RR-FAO-008)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to improve the food security of vulnerable people affected by drought in five municipalities in the provinces of Cunene and Huila. This FAO project provides 80MT of fodder and grass seeds, planting forage and pasture; seeds of cereals, beans and vegetables and agriculture tools, and production assistance for 2,000 households; 250 veterinary kits and 2,000 couple of goats and 2,000 couple of chickens; 50 irrigation kits and 20,000 mineral licks to improve animal nutrition; as well as ensure rehabilitation of two animal feeders and drinkers. The project provides life-saving assistance to 29,000 people, including 8,700 boys, 9,280 girls, 5,220 men and 5,800 women.