CERF-funded Project


Integrated Emergency Response to drought affected households and children in Cuando Cubango, Cunene, Huila and Namibe provinces (20-RR-CEF-013)

Project overview

The main objective of this project is to provide integrated life-saving and emergency response services to a total of 140,000 people through nutrition, WASH, education and child protection interventions in the most drought-affected provinces of Cunene, Huila, Namibe and Cuando Cubango. This UNICEF project provides nutrition services to 100,000 children under five, including quality treatment to 10,080 children with SAM; access for 40,000 mothers and caregivers of children under five to counseling on live-saving practices as well as infant-young child feeding (IYCF) practices to 40,000 caregivers of children under five; emergency education to 25,000 drought-affected school children; access to water and hygiene promotion, including distribution of hygiene kits and water treatment pills for 70,000 people; and child protection services for 25,000 children.

Sector Amount in US$
Nutrition US$1,074,995
Water and Sanitation US$472,998
Education US$386,998
Protection US$214,999