CERF-funded Project


Safeguarding children from the impact on a prolonged drought: UNICEF Namibia (20-RR-CEF-002)

Project overview

The objective of this $1.5 million UNICEF project is to reduce drought impacts on nutrition, health and protection in the eight most severely affected regions in Namibia. To that end, UNICEF will screen 95,000 children under 5 for acute malnutrition and refer at least 1,000 children under 5 for acute malnutrition treatment. 740 children in Khoisan communities will receive supplementary nutritious food. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, information on safe sanitation practices will be shared with 42,600 drought-affected persons and 4,000 households will be provided with water treatment tablets. In addition, 100,000 children will be reached with interventions for the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Sector Amount in US$
Nutrition US$1,065,000
Water and Sanitation US$345,000
Protection US$90,000