CERF-funded Project

Republic of the Sudan

Durable solutions and life-saving stabilization support for IDPs, Sudanese IDP/refugee returnees and hosting communities in Sudan (20-RR-HCR-004)

Project overview

The overall objective of this intervention is to support peacebuilding and to contribute towards a conducive environment for durable solutions for Sudanese IDPs and refugees and host communities, through life-saving quick impact humanitarian interventions. It is not uncommon in the seven target States that the same State is affected by new displacement, hosts protracted IDPs among highly vulnerable local populations who share their scarce resources with IDPs (and refugees from neighboring countries), and also witnesses return of displaced populations. Therefore, depending on the specific conditions in each state and locality, an integrated context specific assistance package needs to be delivered by this project, and by the overall tranche 2 of this special CERF allocation. This will include durable solutions planning, aligned to the approach currently supported by the UN Peacebuilding Fund in the Darfur region, durable solutions support to individual households and communities, and life-saving stabilization support for new and protracted IDPs and hosting communities. In order to ensure that life-saving objectives are fulfilled, the integrated package of this project needs to include elements which support peacebuilding between different communities (returnees, protracted and new IDPs, refugees, hosting communities) in the same locality to ensure that life is not lost through inter-communal violence, as well as elements providing life-saving stabilization to support IDPs and returnees in the form of the shelter and NFI interventions. An integrated package as per the above will support equity and peacebuilding between the different populations through conflict sensitive programming. Through this project UNHCR is targeting 46,200 affected people with ESNFI and 2,818,861 with Protection engagements.

Sector Amount in US$
Shelter and Non-Food Items US$13,735,516
Protection US$14,631,311
Multi-Purpose Cash US$1,492,991