CERF-funded Project


Interventions multisectorielles vitales pour atténuer l''impact de la sècheresse, accompagnée par d’autres urgences multiples affectant simultanément le Grand sud de Madagascar (20-RR-CEF-047)

Project overview

The main objective of this UNICEF project is to provide health care, nutrition support and strengthened access to water, sanitation and hygiene in 8 districts of Grand Sud region of Madagascar. With this CERF grant, UNICEF will mainly provide 2,291 boxes of nutritional food to treat 2,500 children, 10,000 facial masks, 57,540 bars of soap, 1,050 protection kits, drugs, 221 resuscitators and related materials for newborns, handwash devices and 64 electro-chlorinators. UNICEF will also support the government national subsidies programme (Avotr’Aina) to improve the access of the beneficiaries to safe water. The project covers health, Nutrition and WASH sectors and will last six months. It will benefit 70,000 persons (including 17,150 girls, 35,000 women and 6,546 persons with disabilities) for health and 2,500 children for nutrition and 50,000 people (including 12,863 girls, 12,350 women and 4,657 persons with disabilities) for WASH.

Sector Amount in US$
Health US$980,500
Nutrition US$370,000
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene US$499,500