CERF-funded Project


Rapid Life-saving Health Emergency Response to Floods and Associated Diseases Outbreaks in Kenya (20-RR-CEF-036)

Project overview

The main objective of this UNICEF project was to contribute to a reduction of morbidity and mortality of vulnerable children, pregnant and lactating women, and women and men in eight Kenyan counties affected by floods and subsequent disease outbreaks. UNICEF supported set up and operationalization of Cholera Treatment Center and created awareness for all flood affected people (children and pregnant women) for increased access to emergency life-saving health interventions .UNICEF also provided a package of live-saving health interventions delivered to displaced communities marooned in floods and those living far from static facilities thus not able to access life-saving services through integrated outreach services Health. With this CERF grant, UNICEF provides reached 112,204 people 33,601 girls and 31,344 women in eight target counties. Support set up and operationalization of CTCs in cholera.