CERF-funded Project


Anticipatory action to mitigate drought-related malnutrition (20-RR-CEF-069)

Project overview

The main objective of this $1 million UNICEF project is to reduce children's vulnerability to malnutrition and ensure early referral of acutely malnourished children. UNICEF will counsel 26,948 female caretakers on adequate child feeding and caring practices as well as sanitation and hygiene, train 664 health care workers on infant and young child feeding and conduct nutrition screenings for 82,114 children between 6-59 months. Improving the knowledge and skills of caretakers on optimal feeding practices contributes to preventing drought-induced impacts on child nutrition. Scaling up nutrition screening supports timely referral, which improves treatment outcomes and prevents the health system from becoming overwhelmed with a high proportion of severe acute malnutrition cases wit potential medical complications requiring inpatient care. Altogether, the project targets 105,778 people, including 23,664 women and 41,057 girls, among whom UNICEF estimates 17,982 people with disabilities.