CERF-funded Project


Anticipatory Action to mitigate the negative effects of drought shocks on the education of vulnerable populations (20-RR-CEF-068)

Project overview

The main objective of this UNICEF project is to ensure school children remain in school in the face of the projected drought shock. To that end, UNICEF will provide 2,500 at-risk households with cash or vouchers enabling 10,000 children to continue their education by providing families with means to meet their needs when suffering economic hardship. In addition, UNICEF will equip 50 schools with water tanks and rehabilitate water points. Access to safe water and sanitation will prevent disease outbreaks, support safe practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and enable girls to practice menstrual hygiene at school. Overall, the project will support 27,500 people, including 1,500 women and 12,750 girls, among whom UNICEF estimates to be 3,300 people with disabilities.

Sector Amount in US$
Education US$1,992,677
Protection US$61,629