CERF-funded Project


Cash assistance for averting famine and strengthening emergency livelihoods (20-RR-FAO-035)

Project overview

The main objective of this FAO project is to respond to increasing food insecurity by strengthening livelihoods with cash assistance. With CERF funding, FAO and its partners distribute cash to at-risk and vulnerable people from marginal farming, herding and landless communities, focusing on women-headed households and people with disabilities in rural areas. This should allow families to meet their basic needs and improve their food consumption scores. During the cash distributions, FAO and its partners also provide information on Covid-19 safety measures and protection measures. Some 455,000 people will benefit from this project including more than 270,000 children and an estimated 12,285 people with disabilities. This project is part of an $80 million CERF allocation to support cash programming in response to increasing food insecurity in 6 countries.