Training and Workshop

The CERF Training Programme

The CERF secretariat offers a wide range of support to stakeholders through tailored webinars, online information sessions as well as in-person workshops. Online trainings on all aspects of the CERF process are offered on demand to Resident/Humanitarian Coordinators (RC/HC) and their staff, members of Humanitarian Country Teams (HCT) and UN Country Teams (UNCT). 

Example of CERF Workshops and Webinars

  1. CERF Training Workshop in Dakar, Senegal (October 2018)
  2. CERF Underfunded Emergencies 2018 Second Round Webinar (August 2018)


  • Samir Mahmoud, CERF Training Coordinator & Underfunded Emergencies Window, Humanitarian Affairs Officer - Tel: +1 212 963 4761. Email: