Training and Workshop

The CERF Training Programme

The CERF secretariat offers a wide range of support to stakeholders through tailored webinars, online information sessions as well as in-person workshops. Online trainings on all aspects of the CERF process are offered on demand to Resident/Humanitarian Coordinators (RC/HC) and their staff, members of Humanitarian Country Teams (HCT) and UN Country Teams (UNCT). 

Example of CERF Workshops and Webinars

CERF Dakar Training - October 2018

 CERF Training Workshop in Dakar, Senegal (October 2018)

CERF Underfunded Webinar - October 2018

CERF Underfunded Emergencies 2018 Second Round Webinar (August 2018)


  • Samir Mahmoud, CERF Training Coordinator & Underfunded Emergencies Window, Humanitarian Affairs Officer - Tel: +1 212 963 4761. Email: