Australia signs multi-year agreement with CERF committing A$11 each year until 2020
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Australia signs multi-year agreement with CERF committing A$11 each year until 2020

Claudia Hargarten

On 18 May 2017, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop met with Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Stephen O’Brien to sign a multi-year agreement with CERF and contribute A$11 million (approximately US$8.2 million) each year until 2020.

Australia has been a strong and consistent supporter to CERF. As the 10th largest top donor overall Australia contributed almost $125 million since 2006. In light of the recently adopted General Assembly resolution endorsing a $1 billion CERF and calling on all Member States to consider increasing their voluntary contributions to the Fund, Australia’s commitment is exemplary.

Sufficient and timely funding is essential for CERF to fulfil its mandate and ensure that urgent aid reaches people when and where it is needed the most. The predictability of funding ensured by multi-year commitments allows CERF to be one of the fastest to respond to emergencies, often within hours a disaster strikes. At the signing ceremony,  O’Brien noted, “I thank Australia for stepping up its strong support to CERF with a 4 year commitment of AUD 11 million each year. Life-saving assistance must be predictable so that it reaches people quickly, whenever and wherever they need it the most. I am grateful that Australia for this substantial and critical contribution to humanitarian aid.”

The multi-year approach to funding and planning of humanitarian partners and crises is aligned to the Humanitarian Strategy of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Australia’s recent World Humanitarian Summit and Grand Bargain commitments.