Yemen CERF-funded response in 2015-2017 (as of 24 April 2017)

Dita Anggraeni


Two years after the escalation of conflict in March 2015, the humaniarian situation in Yemen has reached a milestone with millions of lives pushed to the brink of famine. The man-made disaster is causing one of the largest food and protection emergencies in the world. Today, over 18.8 million Yemenis are in need of humanitarian assistance and 7 million people face the threat of famine.
As of 13 April, only 14.4 per cent of $2.1 billion needed for life-saving assistance to 12 million people has been met.


Over the past two years, CERF has allocated $59.2 million for people most affected by the conflict. When the situation deteriorated in 2015, CERF allocated $44 million to enable rapid scale up of life-saving aid. As the humanitarian needs further increased in 2016, CERF bridged a crucial gap by providing $15 million to sustain critical activities, including assistance to people affected by the cholera outbreak.
The Emergency Relief Coordinator has set aside an allocation for famine prevention of $25 million. Funds will allow UN partners to provide food, nutrition, health supplies, logistics and security support.