Yemen: CERF allocations in 2015

Dita Anggraeni

In September, the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) released an additional US$15 million from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to support life-saving assistance for millions of people affected by the devastating humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The provision of basic services, including water, sanitation and healthcare, has been severely disrupted. The country is facing deepening food insecurity which is the result of damaged infrastructure and fuel and food shortfalls, further exacerbated by limited imports. Access for humanitarians to deliver assistance remains severely restricted.

Since the conflict has intensified in March this year, aid agencies have received more than $44 million from CERF for critical life-saving assistance, including medicine, clean water, sanitation services and nutrition, and the provision of fuel for emergency services. CERF grants have also been used to scale-up humanitarian air services and improve port facilities, thus facilitating the delivery of life-saving assistance to affected communities.