Niger Underfunded Emergencies (UFE): 2017 first allocation round

Dita Anggraeni


Niger remains in a cycle of chronic humanitarian crisis. The Boko Haram driven conflict in the Diffa region has aggravated the vulnerability of many people who were already living on the edge of survival before the crisis broke out. Approximately 1.9 million people in Niger will need humanitarian assistance in 2017, including 1.5 million in the nutrition sector and 1.3 million in the food security sector.


A $10 million allocation will focus on the needs of 250,000 people related to food insecurity including agriculture, access to basic social services (education, health, WASH), protection and logistics. The response will target the most vulnerable people among those affected in order to save lives primarily in the regions of Diffa, Tillabery, Tahoua and Maradi.