Central African Republic Crisis CERF-funded response in 2013-2016

Dita Anggraeni

The Central African Republic (CAR) has descended into chaos and deadly violence following years of political crisis, lawlessness and deepening humanitarian needs. On 9 December 2013, three days before a system-wide Level 3 emergency was declared, the Emergency Relief Coordinator approved an initial US$9.8 million from CERF to support relief efforts in CAR. Since then, more than $120 million has been allocated to provide assistance in CAR and neighbouring countries affected by the crisis. Latest, in August 2016 CERF allocated $9 million to CAR and $10 million to Chad through CERF’s underfunded emergencies window to support displaced people, refugees, returnees and host communities. A total of $61.6 million has now been allocated from CERF to humanitarian assistance in CAR and $59.3 million to support operations related to the CAR crisis in Chad, Cameroon, Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.