Report of the Secretary General 2004

To ensure a more predictable and timely response to humanitarian crises, the
present report proposes that the current Central Emergency Revolving Fund be
expanded to a target of 500 million United States dollars to include a grant element
alongside its existing loan element. The modernized Fund will be used to ensure
funding is immediately available to support rapid response to humanitarian crises
and address critical humanitarian needs in underfunded emergencies. The report
requests the General Assembly to endorse the upgrading of the current Fund to make
humanitarian response more predictable. The report also recognizes that predictable
humanitarian financing is but one key element of the Secretary-General’s
humanitarian reform package and that approval of a modernized fund, to be renamed
the Central Emergency Response Fund, will contribute to the realization of the other
elements of humanitarian reform, including those related to strengthening
humanitarian coordination and humanitarian response capacity.