Guidance Note for the CERF 2018 Underfunded Emergencies

Submitted by nh9VGJoTGfNvMRGu on Thu, 11/09/2017 - 15:06

A. Planning figures

Amount: The Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) secretariat foresees approximately $150 million for the two underfunded emergencies rounds in 2018. This amount is based on CERF’s funding target of $450 million for the year and reflects the one-third provision for underfunded emergencies. For the first round in 2018, an amount of $100 million is planned, subject to availability of funds. 

Number of countries: The Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) will select about 8-10 countries with no fixed ratio between those with Humanitarian Response Plans or other response plans in place (“HRP countries”) and countries without response plans (“non-HRP countries”). To better diversify the countries benefitting from the underfunded emergencies window, the CERF secretariat will consider whether each country, in 2017, has received allocations from both the rapid response and underfunded emergencies windows when making recommendations for the selection of countries.

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